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Sunday, August 11, 2024


France - Saintes


As part of the festival off, at 20 minutes from the site of Crescendo, on the stage "La Pinède" at la Palmyre, we offer you a free concert at 9:30 pm with Syland who has already achieved a great success on the stage of Crescendo 2023.

This rock quintet near the festival, which comes from Saintes, likes to combine sweetness and power in its melodies. The variety of atmospheres of the rock compositions is at the service of the feeling. Initially atmospheric or calm, the hypnotic themes of the group are sometimes tinged with electric or metal energy, always at the service of emotion.

Formed in 2021 by Sébastien on guitar and vocals and Yonass on keyboard, they were joined by Fabrice on lead guitar, Nick on drums and Romain on bass. Since then, they have created a sound that echoes the past and future influences of rock.

Syland has only one desire: to share his repertoire that is both melancholic and powerful.

Obviously, these talented charentais will pose emotion on the stage of la Palmyre ! This is a great opening for this 24th edition of Crescendo !!

Keyboard: Yonass Bignon Guitar & vocals: Sébastien Cassen Lead Guitar: Fabrice Quantin Drums: Nicolas Neveu Bass: Romain Bouissiere

Friday, August 16, 2024

Baron Crâne

France - Paris


Baron Crâne, an explosive trio from Paris, skillfully fuses progressive rock, jazz, and funk, creating a unique sonic experience. Known for their bold compositions and energetic performances, the band pushes musical boundaries, inviting a journey through rich and innovative soundscapes.

A French power trio with explosive energy! Interested? Good, because Crescendo had the brilliant idea to invite this musical fireball, BARON CRANE.

The band formed around a mutual love for sonic explosions and atypical music. Hellish riffs, instrumental breaks, and musical urgency characterize BARON CRANE's music.

The musical energy emanating from this band will not spare your delicate ears and is likely to win everyone over. A collision between the great era KING CRIMSON (Red) and unbridled stoner that shies away from no audacity. We were floored by their fourth album titled "Les beaux jours," which shattered our eardrums.

Beware, it's going to be intense at Concié!

  • Léo Pinon-Chaby: Guitar
  • Olivier Pain: Bass
  • Léo Goizet: Drums

Less in Lessie



Less in Lessie stands out with its unique approach to progressive rock, subtly blending classical and modern elements. Their music, rich in textures and emotions, invites an introspective journey, marked by captivating melodies and complex arrangements. A promising band exploring the edges of creativity.

By swapping Ls for Ns, one might think this Combo comes from SCOTLAND, but NO! It originates from WROCLAW, considered the Polish Venice: the economic, academic, and tourist capital of southwestern Poland, to which its musicians pay tribute with their concept album "the Escape Plan" about the urban vibe of their city released on March 14, 2021. A recent addition to the progressive rock history, the band was founded in 2015 by keyboardist-vocalist Filip Kozak and drummer Konrad Mikolajczyk, making a mark by releasing their first album "Live at Uniq Sound Studio" the same year, claiming an "illustrative Prog-Rock" made of mastered compositions with classic instrumentation ranging from Ambient to Prog'Rock: a sort of sonic wandering of Art Music akin to the late sixties pioneers like VELVET UNDERGROUND of Lou REED and John CALE, late-career BEATLES, MOODY BLUES, or early King Crimson (for Greg LAKE's voice resemblance). Listening to the quintet's music also brings to mind the universe of Tangerine Dream and at times Pink Floyd's "the WALL" for the sonic atmospheres it conveys. A delight for your melophile ears. Gjl

  • Maciej Janiszewski: Bass
  • Weronicka Kowal: Viola, Keyboards
  • Filip Kozak: Vocals, Keyboards
  • Emil Madalinski: Guitars
  • Konrad Mikolajczyk: Drums

Melting Clock


Melting Clock, an Italian progressive rock band, captivates with its blend of enchanting melodies and complex rhythms. Their sound, both nostalgic and innovative, evokes a journey through time. With impeccable technique and fiery passion, they redefine the contours of the genre.

Italy, being the most productive country in Europe for progressive rock bands since the 70s, it's customary for the Festival to program at least one of its representatives. "Melting Clock" (named in homage to Salvador Dali's masterpiece: "The Persistence of Memory") is the fortunate choice for this 24th edition, concluding its first night. Founded in 2001 by brothers Sandro (Keyboards, Vocals, Chorus) and Stefano Amadeï (Guitars), students at the University of Genoa, the Combo waited 16 years before performing live with its compositions for the first time at the Genoese Prog Festival of Porto Antico in 2017. This was followed by the release of their first album: "Destinazioni" in October 2019, composed of 9 tracks, mostly symphonic, surprisingly cohesive, given the disparate musical roots of each band member ranging from Anglo-Saxon (King Crimson, Genesis) or transalpine Prog'Rock to Metal, including David Gilmour of Pink Floyd for the guitar sounds. A recent formation, the Genoese band is a beautiful discovery, with undeniable musical quality. Meet at the stage to be convinced and appreciate the final throbs of the Clock... GJL

  • Sandro Amadeï: Keyboards, Vocals, Chorus
  • Stefano Amadeï: Guitars
  • Alessandro Bosca: Bass
  • Simone Caffé: Guitars
  • Francesco Fiorito: Drums, Percussions
  • Emanuela Vedana: Singing, Vocalises.

Saturday, August 17

Sarl Béton

France - Saintes


Sarl Béton stands out in the rock universe with a raw, uncompromising sound. Marrying power and finesse, their music is a true sonic edifice, built on relentless rhythms and impactful riffs. This musical collective shakes up the norms, offering an authentic and innovative rock experience.

An unexpected name for a musical group, yet SARL Béton is indeed a flourishing enterprise from Charente-Maritime. Originating from a group of longtime friends and seasoned musicians who had shared many stages together. Patrick, and Richard, respectively bassist and singer of the group, were seduced by the rich productions of Benoît Jouanneau, the composer and lead guitarist. To this, David, the second guitarist, added his poetic pen, depicting the realities of our world. This burgeoning cocktail was completed by the assertive voice of Pascale, Bruno's drums, and André's keyboard, initially an adventure that has now become a solid and united group, a cement that only seeks to keep spinning to set ever more. The group was formed in 2019. Since then, with a significantly expanded repertoire, the group offers concerts throughout the region. A first album is planned for 2024. The tracks are elaborate yet accessible to a wide audience. Crescendo audience, with these Charentais, you will discover and appreciate quality music, rich, demanding, and high-level. This marks a strong start to the second day of the festival. Let the party begin! BJ / JmP

Line up

  • Benoît Jouanneau: lead guitar
  • David Guetta: guitar
  • Richard Pierre: vocals
  • Pascale Girardeaux: vocals
  • Bruno Delepouve: drums
  • André Frouin: keyboard
  • Patrick Vergnaud: bass

Free Human Zoo

France - Paris


Free Human Zoo masterfully combines jazz fusion and progressive rock, creating a soundscape that is both complex and accessible. Their music, rich in improvisations and bold harmonies, invites a deep emotional exploration. A true sonic zoo where freedom of expression reigns supreme.

Visit their website

"In the beginning, there was Rhythm!"

FREE HUMAN ZOO is foremost a sensory experience, a captivating long journey, always surprising, unexpected, and breathtaking from start to finish. A hypertonic and tender wander, during which the seven protagonists of the group compete in inventiveness, sensitivity, sometimes excess. The repertoire is built around a repetitive and joyfully disheveled rhythm, inviting the emergence of polychrome and subtly narrative tunes, while giving free rein to soloists in improbable aerial jousts, all tinged with an original and completely out-of-the-norm jazz-prog. An experience that will take you on unprecedented convolutions, each piece telling a particular story, a slice of life, the magic of an encounter. Lousse's voice magnificently embodies these narratives, with pep full of emotions, supported by a superbly energetic guitar, a swirling and crystalline sax, the warm and subtle voice of a crazy trombone; the ensemble intermingling with the traits of a rhythm trio led by a metronomic and romantic pianist, an omnipresent and powerfully telluric bass, and a completely haphazard but oh-so essential drum. An experience you won't forget, on stage as on record, bringing back to this Epicenter:

"To Live is to Share, to Share is to Live!" You're Welcome!

  • Marie-Caroline REVRANCHE: Vocals
  • Alexis DELVA: Guitar
  • Matthieu METZGER: Sax
  • Laurent SKOCZEK: Trombone
  • Camille PETIT: Keyboard
  • Yann PHAYPHET: Bass
  • Gilles LE REST: Drums




Zopp revitalizes progressive rock with a touch of 70s nostalgia, incorporating elements of jazz and classical music. Their sound, characterized by intricate melodies and complex rhythmic structures, offers a rich auditory experience, punctuated by innovative use of synthesizer and Mellotron.

An endless spiral of emotions. Sailing across several currents of progressive rock, Zopp will delight your ears and heart. A mix of colorful hues to fill your mind with fantastic dreams.

Influenced by Canterbury scene of the 60s and 70s, Zopp was formed in 2010 by Ryan STEVENSON. Over time, Zopp has absorbed more influences in its compositions, such as Stravinsky and Steve Reich, as well as jazz and ambient music. I would even add a touch of Vangelis in rock version with a zest of saxophone and flute.

Since 2023, Zopp is composed of Ryan STEVENSON on keyboard and vocals, Andrea MONETA on drums, Ashley RAYNOR on bass and keyboard, and Richard LUCAS on guitar and vocals.

A band to discover on Saturday, August 17, at 8:15 PM SSP

An Endless Sporadic

USA - California


An Endless Sporadic, with its avant-garde approach, fuses progressive rock, metal, and cinematic touches, creating a rich and unpredictable sound canvas. Their music, a kaleidoscope of complex melodies and abrupt rhythmic changes, invites an extraordinary auditory adventure, full of surprises.

Originally from Woodland Hills, California, the band was founded in 2004 by Zach Kamins and Andy Gentile. The band released an album in 2008, most of the tracks of which were included in the Guitar Hero video games and boosted their popularity. Since then, the band has released 2 albums accompanied by prestigious guests like Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) or Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), among others.

An abstract instrumental journey of breathtaking musicality and rich expressiveness through soundscapes of non-incongruous and dubious film music, with flashes of stylistic innovation and an ensemble work incredibly filled with drama but always meaningful from a compositional standpoint, that's what defines the music of this group of virtuosos. Their coming to France is exceptional, so it should not be missed under any circumstances.

  • Zach Kamins: Guitar, Keyboards
  • Joey Frevola: Guitar, Keyboards
  • Alberto Menezes: Guitar, Keyboards, Buggle
  • Tony Salis: Bass
  • Matt Graff: Drums

Sunday, August 18




TNNE, acronym for The No Name Experience, plunges its listeners into a universe of melodic progressive rock, where emotions and stories weave through sophisticated compositions. Their music, characterized by atmospheric keyboards and captivating melodies, evokes nostalgia while exploring new sonic dimensions.

Visit their website

TNNE! This amusing name of the Luxembourgish band, formed in 2012, is the abbreviation of The No Name Experience. Take the best of rock, progressive rock, and folk. Add a voice with a unique timbre, multiple atmospheres, and emotions. Let it all merge, and you get TNNE, a band of neo-prog/symphonic prog with shimmering, dynamic music, and well-organized verve. A progressive rock primarily based on worked melodies and coherent developments, accompanied by abundant arrangements where keyboards play a leading role. Be there to support them at the festival's closing, and you'll see that even if Luxembourg is a small country, its musicians are among the greats. PM

  • Alex Rukavina: Keyboards
  • Patrick Kiefer: Vocals
  • Cédric Gillis: Guitar
  • Stéphane Roset: Bass
  • Gilles Wagner: Drums



LeSoir emerges on the progressive rock scene with raw energy and captivating melodies. Their music, a tapestry of complex rhythms and striking harmonies, transports listeners on a sonic odyssey. They are the new voice resonating in the arena of modern prog-rock.

For this last day of Crescendo 2024, we are delighted to welcome the Dutch band Lesoir. Formed in 2009, this quintet will present their new album, freshly released in spring, "Push back the horizon". Lesoir's music could be compared to a good piece of Gouda, both tasty and characterful, but also melting and comforting, if this culinary comparison is allowed! The diversity and richness of the atmospheres, oscillating between soaring moments and more agitated ones, will be appreciated. Maartje's voice (who also plays the flute) is sometimes soft and delicate, sometimes more gripping, supported by beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies that will delight fans of Riverside, Anathema, or other similar bands. In fact, the band was the opening act for Riverside in 2019 and 2023. You will surely be charmed by this combo, which will enchant and is likely to make the entire Concié take off!

  • Maartje Meessen: Vocals, Flute, Keyboards
  • Eleën Bartholomeus: Guitar, Vocals
  • Ingo Dassen: Guitar, Keyboards
  • Ingo Jetten: Bass, Pedalsteel, Chorus, Keyboards
  • Bob van Heumen: Drums, Percussions, Chorus

The Flower Kings



The Flower Kings, pillars of modern progressive rock, are famous for their epic compositions and lush sound that embraces the genre's legacy while bringing a unique freshness to it. Their music, rich in textures and colors, cleverly combines instrumental complexity and enchanting melodies, offering a deep and evocative auditory experience.

The Uppsala-based group led by Roine Stolt is an integral part of the progressive rock revival. An astonishing musical atmosphere, this immediately identifiable signature sound, and 16 albums make The Flower Kings a truly unique band. For 10 years, we have hosted the band members in their parallel projects (Trio of Hope, HFMC), and it is with immense pleasure that we welcome them to the Concié stage for this unique date in France celebrating The Flower Kings' 30-year career. PM

  • Roine Stolt: Guitar, Vocals
  • Hasse Fröberg: Guitar, Vocals
  • Michäel Stolt: Bass, Vocals
  • Lalle Larson: Keyboards
  • Mirko Demaio: Drums

Happy End

The Festival's closing jam and the volunteers' party