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The Donation Box

Donation Box

Our festival, offered free to the public, relies on several crucial sources of funding for its realization and success. Each element contributes significantly to the whole:

  • Event Stands: The income generated by the food stands and the official shop plays a vital role. Every purchase made directly fuels the festival's budget.
  • Partners' Donations: Financial support from our partners, including professional sponsors and institutions, is a backbone for our funding.
  • Individual Contributions: Spontaneous donations from individuals reflect valuable community support, strengthening our financial base.
  • Grants: Aid received in the form of grants provides essential institutional support for our continuity.

Furthermore, donation boxes scattered throughout the festival site offer a direct opportunity for each participant to contribute to the sustainability of this free event. These contributions, no matter their size, are crucial for covering organizational costs and ensuring the future of the festival.

Your participation, whether through a purchase, a donation, or simply by sharing your experience, is what allows this festival to remain free to access and continue to enrich our community. Every act of support counts and helps us build a sustainable and inclusive event for everyone.