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Tax-Deductible Donations!

The Crescendo association, established under the French Law of 1901, has positioned itself as a key player in the cultural and musical landscape, particularly in the realm of progressive rock. Its recognition as a general interest organization is a testament to its deep commitment to promoting music, spreading the culture of progressive rock, and supporting emerging talents in this musical genre. This distinction is not only a guarantee of the quality and relevance of its actions but also opens the door to significant advantages for its members and donors, especially in terms of tax deduction.

General Interest Association: A Cultural and Social Commitment

As a general interest association, Crescendo works towards cultural and educational objectives, promoting access to music for all. It is involved in organizing events, such as festivals, educational workshops, and artistic meetings, aimed at enriching the cultural landscape and promoting musical diversity. This recognition illustrates its active role in the social and cultural fabric, thus contributing to collective well-being.

Tax Advantages: Supporting Culture While Benefiting from Incentives

Tax Deduction

Crescendo's status as a general interest organization allows its donors to benefit from substantial tax reductions. For individuals, it is possible to deduct 66% of the amount of donations from income tax, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income. As for companies, the deduction can reach 60% of the donation amount, capped at 0.5% of the turnover before taxes. This significant tax advantage encourages patronage and financial contributions, which are essential for the sustainability and development of the association's activities. We invite you to seek information directly from the Tax Office in case of doubt, as legislation may be subject to rapid changes.

Call for Participation: Investing in Culture

By supporting Crescendo, whether through volunteering, membership, or sponsorship, you are investing in a valuable cultural project, contributing to the dissemination and celebration of progressive rock music. Your commitment and contributions enable Crescendo to continue offering enriching musical experiences accessible to all, while benefiting from advantageous tax reductions. Together, we can work towards promoting a diverse and vibrant musical culture.

The Crescendo association, thanks to its general interest status, therefore represents a unique opportunity for music enthusiasts and cultural actors to contribute to a meaningful project, while benefiting from tax advantages that encourage support for culture.