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The Movie


The movie tells the story of the creation of the Crescendo festival.

It's your turn to play, try to succeed in preparing the festival with the Collaborative Game "ROCK FESTIVAL"

History of the Festival

Created in 1999 under the impulse of two enthusiasts from Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, Sébastien Monteaud and Jean-Claude Adelmand, Crescendo presented its first festival by having three groups play for five hours in the Palais des Congrès in Royan. Admission was charged, and facing the financial failure that followed, the association redirected its objectives towards broader horizons: the current festival, entirely free and outdoors, thus came into being.

Since then, the Esplanade du Concié, facing the Atlantic Ocean and near the Grande-Côte, has been the venue for this event. Continuously improving, the festival has been held over three days since 2008, on the third weekend of August, and gathers between 3,000 and 5,000 people each night. Residents of the region, vacationers, and enthusiasts from various regions and different countries meet each year in this space, turning it into a warm human gathering to see about a dozen progressive rock groups from around the world. An artisan village is also set up around the stage. Some enthusiasts come from very far away: Antony Kalugin and Valentina Chalaydyuck, invited in 2009 to present their group Sunchild, traveled again in 2010 the 3,500 km from Kharkiv (Ukraine) to enjoy the festival as spectators.

Since 2017, the bands present are offered to do a Happy End, a unique concert where the bands mix for an hour of concert and a finale with all the volunteers on stage.