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Rock Festival - Crescendo: solo, in pairs, or with other players in normal mode, organize your own rock festival together to relive all the unforgettable moments experienced during the festival!


Select the best bands of the moment for your lineup. Recruit technicians, organize the refreshment stand, security, stage setup, ensure your communication and find funding. Avoid pitfalls and enjoy the festival.

A total immersion in the organization of a festival!


  • Ages 12 and up
  • For 1 to 5 players
  • Solo or Cooperative mode
  • Average game length 50 min

Publisher: Multivers

Author(s): Didier Jacobée, The Crescendo Team

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The cards and game boards are illustrated with real rock bands that have performed at the Crescendo European Progressive Rock Festival in Saint Palais sur mer. Technicians and volunteers, all from the organization, are also featured. It's impossible to experience a more immersive game!

You can find the game at the Guyajeux Sarlat shop.